By Elaine Dunn  |  September 2021

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Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe, right, presents city resolution that apologizes t early Chinese immigrants and their descendents ot Andy Li, president of the Contra Costa Community College District..


The Chinese Exclusion Act and the fact that most early Chinese immigrants entered California through San Francisco after interrogation on Angel Island are well-known facts.  However, not so well known is the treatment they endured after settling in California in the 1850s.

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By Elaine Dunn


Beijing is all set for a patriotic celebratory extravaganza on the centenary anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on July 1.  First and foremost will be a Partywide campaign on CCP history and education.


By Elaine Dunn, April 2021


It came as a pleasant surprise to Donald Wong when a relative notified him of the Congressional Gold Medal for WWII Chinese American veterans.  He submitted the application for his deceased father Tom Younom Wong online – a relatively painless process, he said.

 cgm 2102  The Chinese American WWII Veterans Recognition Project enters its fifth year with great anticipation for the award ceremony of the Congressional Gold Medal to more than 3,000 veterans who have applied for, and confirmed for this honor.

      It is unfortunate the pandemic had caused the project to be extended into 2021 - a full year longer than planned despite the efforts of vigilant volunteers and prudent stewards.  No matter, the modified in-person presentation plan from capable Chinese American Citizens Alliance committee members and donor-supporter community will all be worth it when it does take place.


 By Greg Hugh


It has been a long and uncertain journey, but Chinese American veterans who served their country in World War II were finally awarded the Congressional Gold Medal on Dec. 9, 2020.  

Efforts to enact the Congressional Gold Medal Act for these Chinese American veterans first began in December 2016.  An exploratory committee led by the Chinese American Citizens Alliance (CACA) set out to secure the support of members of Congress.  The bill, first introduced to the Senate and the House of Representatives in May 2017, was ultimately passed on and signed by President Donald Trump Dec. 20, 2018.

virtual mocaAs a family-owned business in New York City's Chinatown since 1971, Joanne Kwong had to temporarily close Pearl River Mart’s three stores, including the MOCA Shop by Pearl River at the museum.  Shortly after, Joanne and her parents-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Chen joined many Asian American community members to tap into their contacts, source masks and other PPE.  Early in the outbreak in NYC, Pearl River Mart made a substantial donation of KN95s to Elmhurst Hospital and then a second donation to Charles B. Wang Community Health Center.  Pearl River Mart was supported by fellow NYC and small businesses such as ea and Milk, Fat Witch Bakery, Hanky Panky and Calligaris NYC.

Joanne and Pearl River Mart are currently in the process of procuring a larger shipment of 30,000 KN95s.


Reprinted for use in China Insight only with permission by Museum of Chinese in America and Pearl River Mart

To counter the hate that has surfaced against Asian American Pacific Islanders due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) announces the establishment of the MOCA OneWorld COVID-19 Special Collection (“OneWorld Collection”) documenting the proactive steps and incredible acts of generosity and support exhibited by the Chinese in America and the Chinese diaspora during this challenging time.

MOCA joins alongside AAPI organizations to document all reported acts of discrimination against Asian American Pacific Islanders due to COVID-19.  The Museum's OneWorld Collection will document the efforts of those who are raising money, procuring or donating personal protective equipment (PPE), and making efforts to reinforce the importance of one world.  It will feature acquisitions of a wide range of artifacts, including but not limited to photographs, letters, articles, journals, messages, notes, certificates, medical records, videos, and oral histories of Chinese Americans during this time.  This collection will not only feature stories of community efforts but also highlight experiences of individuals and families during these unprecedented times.

“MOCA knows that the history of racism against Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, and those mistaken for these groups is largely missing in textbooks.  These omissions are unacceptable," said Nancy Yao Maasbach, president of the Museum of Chinese in America.  "MOCA works tirelessly to share these painful episodes and document the occurrences, and now through its OneWorld Collection it will celebrate resilience and perseverance."

MOCA is inviting the public to send a write-up and photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with the subject line Submission for MOCA OneWorld COVID-19 Special Collection, to share a story that they believe should be recorded and documented.  Participants will be asked to tell us how they, their association, or their community group organized to help during the current crisis. 

Meanwhile, there is one story on how Chinese IN New York City are supporting the fight in COVID-19 you can read on China Insight’s home page.


Approximately 20000 Chinese American men and women served in every theatre of WWII defending American values.  They exhibited patriotism and valor despite the existence of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and acts of discrimination.  Of all WWII Chinese American veterans, an estimated of only 500-1000 are alive today.

The Chinese American Citizens Alliance (CACA) and the National Chinese American Citizens Alliance Community Involvement Fund spearheaded the Chinese American WWII Veterans Recognition Project, a “national campaign to identify, honor and recognize the efforts and accomplishments of all Chinese Americans who served in the United States Armed Services in World War II.”

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Through advocacy and public outreach, the project has ensured that Chinese American achievements and contributions of the ‘greatest generation’ will never be forgotten.  Beginning with bipartisan legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives in May 2017, the bills for the passage of the Chinese-American World War II Veteran Congressional Gold Medal Act passed the Senate in September 2018 and the House in December 2018.  President Donald Trump signed it into law on Dec. 20, 2018, whereby the U.S Mint and project representatives set about designing the medal.

When will the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony happen? 

The CAWW2 Congressional Medal design has been completed and is awaiting final approval from the Secretary of the Treasury. Once approved by Secretary Mnuchin, Congress will set the date of the Medal Ceremony, which we anticipate will be held in Spring 2020.

What do you need to do now? 

If your application was approved, you need to identify who will accept the medal by completing the Award of Medal Form.  There is no need to complete this form again if you completed the form earlier. 

Where will the CGM Ceremony be?

The first CGM ceremony will be in capital and the presentation will be done by Congress.  In addition to the CGM ceremony, there also will be a D.C. Gala Dinner honoring the CAWW2 Veterans and their families.  Seating at the CGM ceremony at Emancipation Hall will be limited.  The Veterans Recognition Project will do its best to accommodate all who wish to attend.  Of course, living CAWW2 veterans will receive priority over all other requests, followed by sponsor/donors with seating as defined by level of gift. It is anticipated that demand will exceed capacity and the remaining seats will be determined through a lottery system.  However, all requests to attend the Gala Dinner should be accommodated.   More information will be released once the date of the Washington CGM ceremony is set. 

The Veterans Recognition Project also will host regional ceremonies across the country.  Dates will be released after the Washington CGM ceremony in the is set.

Can veterans still be registered? 

Yes, the Veterans Recognition Project will work to continue to identify CAWW2 Veterans eligible for the CGM. Veterans should be registered on our website.

Help make history!

Consider a donation to the CAWW2 Veterans Recognition Project by joining the Recognition Circle.  Donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  Donations of appreciated stocks, mutual funds and bonds that are publicly traded are also accepted. 

Gold Medal Circle

With a contribution of $10,000 or more, supporters can become part of Gold Medal Circle. Members receive the listing in materials, invitation to all events, and have the option to present a Congressional Gold Medal at a medal ceremony. Benefits for the Washington DC Ceremony include: 

Four reserved seats at the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony at Emancipation Hall in Washington, D.C.

One table (10 seats) at the D.C. Gala Dinner; and

One-page ad in program book.

Founders Circle

With a contribution of $5,000 or more, supporters can become a part of the Founders Circle.  Members receive the listing in materials and have the opportunity to attend our Chinese American World War II Veterans medal ceremonies and other events. 

Benefits for the Washington Ceremony include: 

Two reserved seats at the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony at Emancipation Hall in Washington 

Half -table (five seats) at the D.C. Gala Dinner; and

One-page ad in program book. 

To learn more about all Recognition Circle opportunities or to make a general donation, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Project's website:


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