By Stephanie He
My hometown name is Loudi. It is small city in Hunan and is located in the south part of China. I lived in Loudi almost twenty years. Last year I came to St. Cloud. There are some differences and similarities between St. Cloud and Loudi. By Stephanie He
My hometown name is Loudi. It is small city in Hunan and is located in the south part of China. I lived in Loudi almost twenty years. Last year I came to St. Cloud. There are some differences and similarities between St. Cloud and Loudi.

The two cities have similar locations in their states. Both of them are located in the middle of the state. In Hunan, Loudi was acclaimed as the “pearl of south of Hunan”. Because of the location, Loudi has a development of transportation. Almost every train line and survey line passes through Loudi. Transportation brings many laborers from other states. It improves the economy of Loudi and increases resident living conditions.
St. Cloud also is located in the middle of Minnesota. St. Cloud is very important to Minnesota. St. Cloud is the largest population center in the state’s central religion. The population was 59,107 at the 2000 census, while 2007 estimates showed it grew to 66,948, making it the third largest city in the state outside the Twin Cities metropolitan area. In addition, driving from Loudi to Hunan’s capital, Changsha should be one hour. Also, St. Cloud to the Twin Cities should be one hour.
Similar locations provide similar environments.  Loudi was judged one of the best cities for living in China.  Both cities have distinguished four seasons. Every season has its own special features. In the spring, all kinds of flowers grow. There are many colorful flowers everywhere. That is a very beautiful view. The temperature is 59 degrees Fahrenheit on average. In St. Cloud, there are many beautiful flowers and trees. Such as yellow, red, green trees. The air quality in the urban areas picked up gradually. The city almost is pollution-free. And urban afforesting and greening have high rate in all the cities.
However, both cities are small cities in their countries.  Both of them have high qualities of education. There are very famous education institutions. St. Cloud State University is the largest member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system that is the largest single provider of higher education in the state of Minnesota. St. Cloud State has the second highest enrollment of all the universities in the state of Minnesota. Hunan University of Humanities, Science and Technology is a state-owned provincial university of high education approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is located in Loudi, a newly built city in central Hunan province, China.
There are many differences between Loudi and St. Cloud. First of all, the two cities’ building styles are totally different. China has huge population. Loudi has a lot of residents, so building style is apartment-based, but in St. Cloud building style is house-based. In China, there is not enough land available. According to the investigation on land use, with the per capita arable land being about 0.247 acre, less than one half of the per capita arable land area in the world. As China’s population is almost five times that of the United States, its per-capita share of land is less than one fourth of the latter. So they are very crowded between apartments in Loudi. In St. Cloud, house and house are very far from each other.
Entertainment is also different between two cities. Soccer and basketball are very popular in Loudi. But football and baseball are very popular in St. Cloud. In St. Cloud, the youth like to party and drink for relaxation, but Internet surfing is the main way to relax for the youth in Loudi. A lot of adults like to take walk for relax after dinner in Loudi, so the city has real buzz in the evening. But it is very hard to see many people in the night in St. Cloud.
I love my hometown, because I have many happy memories with her. For me, she is my motherland. Even though I will live in another city, I still belong to her. St. Cloud is like my second hometown, because I live in here almost four years for study. I will have many memories with her. I expect she can bring more and more different things to me.

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