By Stephanie He
I study at St.Cloud State University. I have come through many difficulties which made me grow up. I obtain many things from my student life in America. Recording everything from my student life, can help me remember this special experience. By Stephanie He
I study at St.Cloud State University. I have come through many difficulties which made me grow up. I obtain many things from my student life in America. Recording everything from my student life, can help me remember this special experience.

St .Cloud State University is a beautiful university. It is located in Minnesota, the north part of the United States. Not only does this school have excellent education but it also is a good environment for students. The campus looks like a garden: grass and all kinds of colorful trees are everywhere; sometimes you can see squirrels and other small animals, even in the winter. I always see squirrels come out and look for food, a trail of its footstep was on the pure, white ground.  Snow and ice fall in this state in the winter. St. Cloud is a world of fairy tales for me, who lived in the south part of China for 20 years. Also, I felt snow from the temperature falling to 20 degrees below zero in this city. Since I came here in the summer, balmy days and nights, this is the summer resort. I feel everything here is lively.              
Compared to China, the education system in America is more select and flexible. I can choose my courses whatever I want, so course timing becomes flexible. In the first class, professors will give every student teaching objectives, requirements of the syllabus, entire semester teaching plan and scoring rubrics. Once I decide to study this course, I must be following those documents strictly. The professors will not meet the needs of students who have special situation. The professor calls the roll at the beginning of the class. As for being absent, if you have five absences, then you fail the class. The professor does not care how many excuses you have, you still fail. Even if, you come to class after five absences, you still fail. Not only the professors strict with on themselves, but also strict with students. In order for students to contact with the professors in time, the professors will inform students ways to contact them in the first class.
The United State is a free country. In classes, I can choose where I want to sit, what I want to wear, what pose I want, also I am free to go in and out of the classroom, I can even ask some questions directly in the class. On the other hand, I do some things such as sleep in classes or send text messages. I will get points taken off by professors. However, sometimes I cannot receive full points, and this is important problem for international students, but I finish the assignment and get the knowledge from the assignment is a big task for me. American teachers cultivate the students’ motivation and capability of learning. Many assignments are the main part of the class. I have to search information from the book and Internet and analyzing each question, then complete my own assignment. Because of the assignment, I always stay in the library almost 8 hours to finish it. In order to make it convenient for students to study, St. Cloud State University‘s library open twenty-four hours.
Although my study is busy, I feel my life is alive. Traveling around America during holidays is my favorite. This spring break I went to Las Vegas with my international friends.  Las Vegas is an amazing place. Thousands of big, luxurious buildings, gorgeous decorations, the Grand Canyon in its entire splendor and live in luxury.  The most famous buildings are all kinds of hotel on the strip. I cannot believe this place was still a desert a few years ago. America builds everything from their wisdom. In Las Vegas, you can see the Eiffel Tower and the Triumphal Arch without going to Europe.  The Statue of Liberty in front of a 19th-century European Castle in Las Vegas. In the night, you also can see the blue sky in the hotel. Shopping in the characteristic of Venice architecture can make you feel cheerful. On the other hand, legal sports betting bet on sports in Las Vegas also attracts a large number of visitors. The life of luxury and dissipation in Las Vegas make it one of the great tourist attractions of the world. Las Vegas has shown to me that it is the masterpiece of American culture. Also, also this city shows to me realistic study and work instead of being over ambitious. Nobody can get something without payment.
The United States is a multiracial nation. Many people come from different countries; the United States also has advertised the national character, everyone can freely express themselves. As for me, I will continue my American life for study. In here, I learned how to communicate with Americans, how to study, how to be independent, and how to endure defeat.
Editor’s Note: Stephanie (Yan) He is currently a graduate student attending the Intensive English Center at St. Cloud State University. She graduated from Changsha University of Science & Technology (PRC) in 2009 with a degree in Economics but has a great interest in mass communication. Stephanie will periodically submit articles on her experiences as a student from China attending a U.S. university. Stephanie may be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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