Chinese Garden at Arboretum
The first-ever Chinese Garden in Minnesota opened officially to great international fanfare and a watery welcome on Sept. 18, at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chanhassen.
Montana Beef
"We're very excited that China removed a ban on US beef imports," said Fred Wacker, a third-generation rancher of Miles City in the northwestern US state of Montana, where there're about three heads of cattle for every person.
Congressional Gold Medal
On May 4, 2017, bills were introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate for the award of the Congressional Gold Medal, collectively, to the Chinese American veterans of World War II.
On Sept. 13, China's Internet Finance Association stated that bitcoin lacked a legal foundation.
Dream in China
The Minneapolis-based Chinese Heritage Foundation’s commission “Dream of the Red Chamber” by San Francisco Opera will be touring the People’s Republic of China this month.
Pat Hui
Local artist Pat Hui creates exhibit to commemorate Su Shi’s 980th birthday
Let's have a look-see
A no-nonsense woman interrupted a wedding ceremony.
2nd War With Japan
With the seizure of Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Nanjing in 1937, the undeclared war with Japan was under way.
Second War with Japan
The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor changed everything for the foreign interests in China. Foreign concessions in Shanghai ended as Japanese troops arrested and interned all foreigners in China’s cities living under their occupation. They were no longer neutrals; they became enemy aliens.
Ying Li
Li loves to teach, and it comes as naturally to her as dancing and singing.
Fading Glories
Robert E. Lee and Chiang Kai Shek. Both historical figures of their respective countries’ civil wars and both out of favor at the moment.
Vivian Wei Wu
China Insight recently interviewed Wu via emails where she reflected on her career and her choice to be an investigative reporter, a highly dangerous profession in China.
Chinese Americans continue to contribute
In the Twin Cities, there are many Chinese Americans who have contributed to the fabric of American society.

Congressional Gold Medal for WWII Chinese American Veterans Initiative

Learn More and Get Involved

Although the Chinese American community has always strived to be good citizens, history has shown that they have not been treated fairly and need to let their Congressional leaders know that their service to our country needs to be recognized. Like many minorities, Chinese Americans overcame discrimination to serve their country bravely and honorably and we need to encourage the Congress to act favorably on this proposal to commemorate the service of these Chinese American veterans. 



cifirsteditionBy Greg Hugh, Staff Writer

China Insight was conceived back in 2001 when 3 young, entrepreneurial co-workers from China decided that publishing a newspaper would be a good way to generate interest and leads for a consulting business which resulted in the printing of China Insight's first issue in February, 2002. Well, next month China Insight will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

As noted, China Insight was started in 2001, and is an independent, locally owned company that is headquartered in Minnetrista, MN. It is the only English-language American newspaper to focus exclusively on building a bridge between the United States and the People's Republic of China (PRC). Its goal is to develop a mutual understanding of each other's cultures and business environment by fostering U.S.-China cultural and business harmony.

Contained in each monthly edition are articles on such diverse topics as business, culture, government, travel, education, finance, language, lifestyle, science and technology, sports and local Chinese events. These articles may be written by its own staff writers or reprinted from other sources to ensure that a variety of views and perspectives are presented as to what is happening in these areas.

Over the years China Insight has published a series of articles on topics such as Chinese language, speech and communication that resulted in a book of these articles, the sister state and sister city relationships between Minnesota and the PRC. China Insight also initiated a series of articles describing how the Chinese government is structured and has featured each of the 55 different ethic groups within China. Articles on how to conduct business in China along with travel tips are frequently included.

In addition to publishing the newspaper, China Insight also promotes or sponsors events that foster U.S.-China cultural and business harmony. The goal is to build on these accomplishments and expand the type of service that can be provided to those who are interested in fostering U.S.-China culture and business.

China Insight, in collaboration with the Chinese Heritage Foundation, established A Passage to China in 2008 which has become an annual event held at Mall of America to promote Chinese history, culture and customs through interactive activities for all ages with over 40 organizations from throughout the Twin Cities communities participating as a free event for the general public.

Over the years China Insight has also planned and hosted a forum on how to do business in China with speakers from Zhejiang Province along with a WTO training delegation from the same province to promote business relationships between Minnesota and Zhejiang, China.

As part of its commitment to be civic-minded and proactive in the community, China Insight has sponsored events held by, to mention just a few, the China Center-University of Minnesota, CAAM Chinese Dance Theatre, Asia Media Access, Dragon Festival along with many other local organizations.

China Insight has also facilitated many cultural education exchange programs between schools located in Minnesota and the PRC.

In 2002, China Insight sponsored and partnered with the Minnesota Timberwolves to promote all Timberwolves and Houston Rockets basketball games featuring Yao Ming resulting in the Timberwolves' sponsorship a China Expo at the Target Center in March 2004.

As noted previously, China Insight focuses on two facets of coverage: business and culture. On the business side, the newspaper concentrates on businesses and business leaders with connections to China. On the cultural side, it focuses on all readers, regardless of heritage, with an interest in understanding some aspect of China. The individual on whom we focus is English-speaking Chinese that wants to develop a better understanding of the U.S. and also Americans with an interest in China. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of these two groups that form a large, well-educated audience.

We estimate that such an audience is in excess of 30,000. Since China now is easily Minnesota's third largest trading partner. China is now one of Minnesota's largest trading partners with over 1.3 billion dollars in manufactured exports in 2009. Over 9,000 plus have a direct business involvement, another 6,000 plus are interested China's arts and culture, student interest exceeds 5,000 with an ever-increasing Chinese language education program along with the ethnic Chinese community that number over 18,000. Also, since the state of Minnesota has greater per capita international adoption from China than any other state, we estimate that adoptive family interest is 3,000 plus.

China Insight is published monthly (except July/August and November/December are combined) and is available free at select locations throughout the Twin Cities in such places as libraries, skyway, restaurants and other high traffic locations. It is also available though subscription and at

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CHINAINSIGHT (CI) is published monthly ((except July/August and November/December are combined) by China Insight, Inc., an independent, privately owned company started in 2001 and headquartered in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

CHINAINSIGHT is the only English-language American newspaper to focus exclusively on connections between the United States and the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Our goal is to develop a mutual understanding of each other’s cultures and business environments and to foster U.S.-China cultural and business harmony.